Virtual Tour

Here you can take a tour of our facility, right from the comfort of your own home! You can view a photo gallery of each of our rooms or take a 360 degree tour too!


Welcome to our indoor playground! In our gym we can all meet together to do snack time, or discuss an upcoming field trip with our students. Otherwise, the gym is used as a room where students can run, play, and use their outside voices. Everything they can do outside, they can do in our gym, where it never rains, and stays at a wonderful 70 degrees.

Homework Room

This is a very versatile room. During the school year we use it to provide a dedicated space for homework time. During the summer it is most often used as an arts and crafts room and a space to eat lunch. 

Imagination Station

The Imagination station is a favorite of most of our students. Here students can build, play, and use their imaginations. This room is full of Legos, fort building kits, play kitchen supplies, foam blocks, and more!

Game Room

Our newest room, the Game Room is full of board games, fuseball, and more! Here we get to stretch out, play together and make friends.

Reading Room

The Reading Room is available for our students to take care of their daily reading time while they are at Kidz Life. We have books for free reading and AR leveled books as well.