Enrolling is as easy as 1 2 3!

*If your child has attended Kidz Life in the last year you do not need to follow this process. Send us an email to kidzlife@bartowfirst.com and let us know you would like to sign up for another program.*

To get your child started here at Kidz Life, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the online Registration Form

    • While completing the online form there will be documents you need to download, these are forms which need to be notarized. Download the forms, have them notarized, and either bring them to Kidz Life or scan them in and email them to kidzlife@bartowfirst.com. We cannot continue the registration process until we have these forms.

  2. Create your Parent Portal account.

    • Once your registration is complete, we will send you an email to create your account on the parent portal. The parent portal is where you manage your child's account with Kidz Life.

  3. Pay the $40 Registration fee.

    • Once your Parent Portal account is all set up we will send you an invoice to cover the registration fee. This invoice, along with all other Kidz Life expenses can be paid online through the Parent Portal.

Your registration with Kidz Life is not complete until all 3 steps are completed.